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Meet Bobby Austin 

My name is Bobby Austin and I made Utah my family's home in 1998 after a work transfer brought us to the beautiful Wasatch Front. My wife, of now 40 years, wanted to ensure we were active participants our young daughters' education upon moving to Davis County, and volunteered us both at Back-to-School Night to be part of the PTA at Antelope Elementary. During our first PTA meeting, it was mentioned that the area of our new home was considered a "less-desirable" corner of Davis County and the school district; and I have been diligently working to change that narrative ever since.

I have raised two daughters who received incredible educations from Davis School District, both graduating from Clearfield High School with leadership experience, extracurricular enrichment, and academics that could match any. Theirs was such a positive experience, that both wanted to share their love of education with students of their own. Both my girls are currently employed as elementary school teachers within the district, active in their own communities and working tirelessly alongside their colleagues in Davis School District to elevate the educations of our county's youth. 

As time has passed, my perspective on education has grown. I am no longer simply a parent of students in our district, but also a grandparent, community member, business partner, and parent of teachers. My lens has widened, and my eyes are opened to the trials and difficulties our communities, students, and teachers face in the midst of an ever-changing society. I want to support every individual in our quest for the best education possible for every student in our community. 

As your candidate in precinct 6, I feel it is my position to represent every constituent in our community with a voice of clarity and reason. I will listen to others, ask the questions, and be involved in the facets that our community needs. It is a difficult time for all, and as such, please allow me to take the opportunity to serve you as Davis County School Board Member for Precinct 6, and let your voice be heard through my representation.

I am here to serve you. 

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I would love to have a conversation with you, and discuss any thoughts you may have. I look forward to connecting with you soon. 

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